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Life Changing Experiences
Ashtanga Yoga Retreats
Ashtanga Yoga Retreats

Ashtanga Yoga Retreats

Life Changing Experiences

Rishikesh Yoga Retreat – 4th of May to 12th of May 2024

About Rishkesh

Rishikesh means “lands of the sages” and is a wonderful place from which to experience India and the fascinating practices developed by the indigenous culture over thousands of years.

Nestled in the mountains of the Northern peak of this vast continent, the Rishikesh area offers numerous temples to visit, along with a few secret waterfalls. The river Ganges runs right through the middle of Rishikesh and it is about as close to the source of this famous river as you can practically reach. It is pure and clear.

Our venue for the retreat is a place called Tapovan on the northern edge of the Rishikesh urban area, far enough up the side of the mountain to give a peaceful atmosphere, but a conveniently close walk to the town centre. On the top of our favourite hotel is a purpose-built yoga studio with 270 degree views, set aside exclusively for us to use.

The water is clean and there are many styles of food available. There is massage, chemists, many yoga schools, and much more easily accessible. Also monkeys.

What to expect

The retreat will run for 7 days and will consist of Mysore style asana followed by a deep dive into Mantra Yoga as means to attain the perfection of yoga. There are many ways to approach the mantra traditions, and we will look at several. Each day a new chant will be learned along with method of recitation, nature of absorption, and metaphysical meaning.

Half of each day (the afternoons) will tend to be free time, giving you a chance to relax into the energy of the mountains that formed the yogic traditions we know and love. You may also choose to sightsee or immerse yourself in the township, bantering with locals and experiencing the harmony within the hustle.

Finer details

4th of May to 12th of May 2024

We supply:

  • Yoga classes and tuition only
  • AUD $1000 inc GST

You arrange: