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Gloucester Tops Retreats

Gloucester Tops Retreats

What to expect

We look forward to guiding you through an invigorating and relaxing weekend! We have a schedule of classes designed to give you the best experience – helping you balance your body and mind.

Friday night

One Friday nights we introduce ourselves to each other and to natural landscape around us – full of beauty and song, the trees whispering in the wind and the fresh mountain stream lapping over the river rocks.

We slip gently into the nourishing mindset that we intend to hold throughout the weekend with Yin Yoga. We let the ordinary world slip away with delicious practice of Yin Yoga. Followed by vegetarian and vegan meals prepared by bhakti chefs.

Saturday morning

We rise in the morning to a led Ashtanga Yoga class and begin our day of exploration. Energising and uplifting, under the clear blue sky and the tall gum trees. Capping off with our first pranayama session, before retiring for free time for reading, walking, swimming, or chatting.

After a short break we will proceed onto a Kundalini-stoking practice of spiritual insights with chanting and breathwork. You feel a lightness and ease that is unparalleled in modern society.

Saturday afternoon

Having settled deeply into the space, we explore pranayama, meditation, and techniques to increase your energy, along with discussion of the philosophy of yoga, higher consciousness, and how it applies to the way we live our life.

Late in the afternoon another Yin session ensures we have absorbed all the benefits of the day. And just before dinner we will indulge in a healing an all-encompassing sound bath with a variety of instrumentation.

Sunday morning

Intention setting is the theme for our morning practice. A flowing vinyasa practice is the tool we use to charge our energy body. A sunny embrace of all that surrounds us and all that we can bring home with us.

Last ever Cockadilly retreat!

  • July 7th to 9th, 2023

Finer details

We supply:

  • Delicious vegetarian food
  • Yoga classes galore

You will need to bring:

  • Journal and pencil
  • Sheets and pillowcases
  • Towels for showering and swimming
  • Yoga mat and drink bottle


  • $600 for queen bedroom
  • $350 for extra person in the bed
  • $350 pp for camping/van

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